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• Unified Board of Directors
It is the council that is responsible for the policy of all the funds and supervises its performance. It consists of social security partners - Ministry of Finance - Union of Trade Unions of Sudan - Union of Employers - The representatives of the pensioners - Experts selected by the State and three Social Welfare Ministers representatives of the states as well as fund managers.
• Board of Commissioners:
It shall be responsible for approving the plan and the budget of the Authority and the direct supervision of the performance of the Authority and the approval of its policies by the unified board of directors as well as budgets and plans of the device and financial performance.
• Executive Management: -
The Executive Directorate of the Investment Authority shall be headed by the Commissioner-General. The Authority shall be managed by an organizational structure consisting of public administrations directly subordinate to the Commissioner-General.
- The General Directorate of Financial Affairs and its follow by financial management which includes
1. Accounts Department.
2- Final Accounts Department.
3. The Collection Department.
4- The Payment Department.
5-The Purchasing Department.
- General Directorate for Human Resources Development and Administrative Affairs and follow by
1- Management of human resources development and contains
1.1 Personnel Affairs Department.
1.2 Training Department.
2- Administrative Affairs Management containing.
1.1 Services Department.
1.2 Safety and Security Department.
- General Administration of companies and real estate development and follow by
1- Agricultural Investment Department.
2- Tourism Investment Management and Hotels.
3. Industrial Investment Department.
4 - Management of medical investment.
5 - Marketing management and followed by two sections
5.1 Commercial Marketing.
5.2 Real Estate Marketing.
6 - Management of real estate development and followed by two sections
6.1 Real Estate Development Section.
6.2 Projects Section.
- General Directorate for Studies and Strategic Planning and follow-up of the following departments
1 - Department of studies and research and follow the following sections
1.1 Risk Section.
1.2 Total Quality Department
1.3 Feasibility Studies and Statistics Section
1.4 Research and Development Department
2 - Management of information technology and follow the following sections
2.1 Technical Support and Maintenance Section.
2.2 Networking and Information Security Section.
2.3 Software Development Section.
- General Department of Financial Investment and Smart Partnerships and follow-up of the following departments
1. Management of the banking system.
2. Financial Services Department.
3. Management of internal commercial finance.
There are departments directly following the Commissioner-General:
1- The Department of Public Relations and the following sections
1.1 Media Section.
1.2 Protocol Section.
2. Management of the Executive Office.
3. Internal Audit Department.
4. Legal Counsel: The Ministry of Justice supervises the legal aspects of the agency through a competent department, which is assigned by the Ministry of Justice.