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The Social Security Investment Authority (SSIA) was established on the basis of the outputs of the "Social Protection Systems Development Project" which was prepared in order to provide a developmental vision for social protection systems. The project was developed by a distinguished elite of experts in social and economic insurance, Sudanese labor unions (Sudanese workers, employers) Experts of the International Labor Organization and under the patronage of the First Vice-President of the Republic. One of the most important recommendations of the project, which was unanimously agreed upon by the Working Group, is the importance of separating investment activity from insurance activity.
The Decree of the President of the Republic No. 322 of 2004 was issued on 3 July 2004 establishing the Social Security Investment Authority to operate in accordance with the Social Insurance Law, which is fully independent. All investments made by the funds (National Social Insurance Fund and National Pension Fund) To manage the surplus of the National Pension Fund and the National Social Insurance Fund in accordance with the general policies decided by the Board of Directors in order to meet its future obligations. Rude value of money. In addition to this, SSIA and through its various investments can effectively contribute to the promotion and upgrading of the national economy. It began its activities in 2005.