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Diversification of the investment portfolio and in order to develop the national economy, the device invests in the field of services and infrastructure by owning a group of companies and contributing to other companies working in this field:

Sudan Post (Sudapost):

It is a company with a legal presence which has been adopted as the national operator of postal services in Sudan. The National Postal and Bar Association has previously inherited the Sudan Post (Sudapost) Sudan as member of the United Nations Universal Postal Union, It represents the Sudan in the membership of the Arab Permanent Post Committee of the League of Arab States and the representative of Sudan in the African Post Union. The company offers itself as a national operator and provider of professional postal services in Sudan, concerned with providing and developing the postal services industry. The Sudan Post Office (Sudapost) is a diversified and expanding foundation for all postal and financial, governmental, logistic, technical, community, cultural, mass, quality, investment and economic fields. .
Petrocost Company:

Works in the field of roads, bridges and construction.
ALloyd African:

which works in the field of importing and marketing of packed tampons.
Nasif Master Service:

Works in the field of cleaning and cleaning of glass and cladding facades.
Al-Daman Electricity Company:

The company carries out the electrical work in the generation, transportation and distribution sectors in addition to the networks of the investment device and the import of various electrical materials. The company will manufacture the electrical equipment in cooperation with foreign companies specialized in the manufacture of drums and light bulbs and get equipment agencies and Electrical appliances and importing generators of various capacities for the needs of the public and private sectors.
Wathba Road Services Company:

Works in the field of road services from road paving, road signs, public parks and the production of asphalt products.
It also owns and contributes to many production and service companies operating in various fields.