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The entry of the Social Security Investment Authority (SSIA) in the productive industrial field, which is considered one of the most important sources of national income because it limits the traditional sources and fills the need of civil society of consumer products and achieve greater value of natural resources and works to provide the country's need of strategic goods. Therefore, the Social Security Investment Authority contributed to a number of factories:

Al-Takamil Cement Factory:

Located on the West Bank of the Nile River 320 km north of Khartoum near Atbara city and the production of clinker and cement in 2010 in partnership with ASEC Egypt. The factory produces the finest types of cement under the brand Sakhr Sudan, the factory works according to the latest environmental technologies, which exceed the most environmental standards in the region.
Berber Cement Factory:

The plant is located in the state of the River Nile, about 8 kilometers southeast of the city of Berber, 350 km from Khartoum to the north. The design and specifications of all the equipment working in the factory are the best produced by the European technology combined with the experience and the Chinese experience .
The production capacity of manufacturers accounts for 40% of the total domestic production of cement.
The Sudanese Glass Technology Company : was established as the first specialized glass processing plant in Sudan, besides aluminum production and processing according to the needs of building materials and a number of other production lines, all for the production of aluminum and glass works.
Emirates Company for Foodstuff and Plastic Packaging: Established in 2004, the company works in the production of mineral water, a product called Safa, the production of Capri Sun juice and the production of gas water in the name of Sinalco.
Berber Plastic Factory: The investment device established the Berber Plastic Factory which is engaged in the production and marketing of various plastic containers.
White Nile Sugar Factory: The investment system contributed to the development of the sugar industry through its contribution to the White Nile Sugar Factory.
Amatung pigment: The investment device in the leather industry entered tanning leather through the Amatung tannery.
Copen Factory: The factory works in the field of oil and sesame products and also in the field of processing and exporting sesame.
And contributed to the investment in other industrial areas, for example, but not limited to milling and feed industry.