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The SSIA has entered into this field to contribute to the development of medical services in Sudan and the localization of treatment and therapeutic tourism inside reduce the expenses of travel and treatment abroad and the device has a number of hospitals and medical companies in addition to factories for medical equipment and medicines distributed to some states of the Sudan and seeks the device through investment in health to Achieve the overall objectives of the SSIA by bringing an appropriate return from these investments and achieving the highest goals of the state in localization of treatment at home and the provision of medical service at reasonable prices and high quality in addition to contribute to the promotion of the performance of Sudanese cadres and owns the A number of hospitals are:
The hospitals of the SSIA are private hospitals and the number of beds in the hospitals of the SSIA is 910 beds, which is equivalent to 30% of the number of families in the private sector in Sudan (and the number of beds in the private hospitals in Sudan according to the report of the Ministry of Health for 2015 is 3087 beds)
Contributing device in localization of treatment at home
A study was carried out to determine the most important cases in which patients are referred for treatment abroad, either by medical board or direct transfer, and then specific fields are identified in each hospital in the medical sector
East Nile Hospital:
The hospital is located in the state of Khartoum in the east of the Nile. It is a private hospital that provides specialized services in the field of orthopedics with its specialized specialties, sports medicine, beauty, urinary tract, diseases and kidney transplant. It is one of the most (5) diseases that are referred to patients abroad. Different. The East Nile Hospital is a training center for specialists in orthopedic surgery and other specialties
Medical City Marwa: -
Marwa Medical City is located in the northern state of Marwa. It consists of a specialized hospital with a capacity of 250 beds offering specialized services in the field of orthopedics, urinary tract, heart and neurosurgery. The hospital is also considered a center for the treatment of wounded Yemenis in cooperation with the Sudanese Red Crescent and King Salman Center in addition to other public specialties. A cancer hospital provides diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation services to cancer patients.
Al Daman Hospital (El-Obied City): -
The Hospital is located in the state of North Kordofan in the state capital of Al-Obied. The clinical capacity of the hospital is 200 beds that provide the second level services and some services of the third hospital such as cardiology, orthopedics, urinary tract and endoscopy, as well as second level transformative services. It will be in partnership with East Nile Hospital
World Medical City: -
Is located in the state of Khartoum, Khartoum. It is a partnership between the Social Security Investment Agency and Al-Faisal Medical Services and Education. It provides the third level services in some specialties (bone, heart, urinary system, digestive system, eyes) through partnerships with regional and international institutions.
Al-Bashir Medical City:
A partnership between government and private agencies
The investment body participates in 20% of the partnership
Located in the state of Al-Jazeerah Al-Baqi area consists of the medical city 750 beds consisting of a general hospital Specialized centers Oncology center Neuroscience center Heart center Bone center and vertebral column Transplant center Neck and neck center Obstetrics and gynecology Center Pediatric surgery center Localization of treatment at home Faculty of Medicine and Nursing Medical engineering and research center. There are regional hospitals that are working to settle the treatment in the different regions of the Sudan across the various states of Sudan such as Al-Beshara Hospital in Khartoum State, and there is a link between the Telemedicine program between these hospitals and the medical city
Contribution of the device to pharmaceutical manufacturing
Factory Avamid: -
Located in the state of Khartazm, Khartoum, the factory has a production capacity of 60 million injections. If the plant works at maximum capacity, it will hit about 75% of the country's needs.
Ain Factory:
(50%) and other destinations. The factory produces fluoride solutions and blood washing consumables. The annual need for Sudan from intravenous solutions is 33 million
The capacity of the plant in line is currently one line 8 million and in the case of adding the second plan where the infrastructure is available and keep the machines production capacity of about 26 million, which covers about 78% of the country's need and the plant covers the country's need for solutions of washing blood and there is a tendency to add solutions Peritoneal washing is now prevalent worldwide
Liam Pharmaceutical Industries Co.
The company is located in the state of Khartoum, a partnership between the Social Security Investment Authority and other partners, which contributes 40% of the company
The project is a human pharmaceutical factory after production lines covering all types of the lines have been taken to cover medicines that are not manufactured in Sudan or medicines that are produced locally and do not cover the production needs of the country, for example the plant in the construction phase. The company also works in the field of business and is an agent of some European companies in the field of medicines and medical consumables
Nassif Medical Company: -
A company specializing in the provision of medical devices and consumables European companies and Yabneba such as Atom medical - Konica Minolta -esaote ect Shimazdu - which made it the main supplier of radiology and some other equipment for the private sector and medical supplies, which is responsible for the supply of equipment and consumables for all units of the public sector