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Social Security Investment Authority works to achieve several objectives that overlap and integrate to create a system that works on developing agricultural and animal production and making use of the available resources and exploiting them optimally to maximize their return to the state and society and contribute to raising the standard of living and providing well-being and decent living.
1. Development of untapped agricultural land and the establishment of infrastructure such as wells, irrigation channels, energy sources and the detection of groundwater through conducting the necessary studies and surveys.
2. Work on the establishment of agricultural projects in different areas and management of construction and establishment and then marketing them as projects ready for investors.
3. Contribute to the development of techniques used in agriculture and animal production.
4. Contributing to the development of agricultural processing from the mobilization and storage and work on the establishment of specifications for different crops.
5. Contributing to the establishment of fertilizer plants and pesticide laboratories and obtaining the agencies of international companies in this field.